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Groups eye Obamacare chaos

By Claude Solnik - Long Island business News - 03/10/2014



“People are misinformed, between the media misinforming them and brokers misinforming them,” Samel said. “The government and the insurance companies aren’t heavily marketing that you should speak to a broker or navigator.


By Anthony O’Reilly, The Island Now - 03/06/2014 


More than five months after the launch of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Great Neck resident Jason Samel says people are still misinformed about what is and isn’t in the law.“Everyone is under some misconception about it,” Samel said in an interview. “Everybody including heads of hospitals, doctors, nurses and insurance brokers.”

Stony Brook Hospital Finall Takes Plan Available On Individual Exchange

Rigdley Ochs, Newsday, February 15, 2014

Stony Brook University Hospital will now be taking at least one health insurance -- Health Republic -- from New York's health insurance exchange.The hospital announced Friday that it had reached an agreement with MagnaCare.MagnaCare, which provides health insurance to companies and unions in New York and New Jersey and has about 70,000 doctors and other health care providers, does not offer health insurance on the state's exchange. But it leases networks to both Health Republic and Oscar, new insurers that do.

Obamacare Navigator

Jill Nossa, Anton News, March, 01 2014 


The deadline for the Affordable Health Care Act is looming, and Long Islanders may be scratching their heads about what type of health insurance will suit them best. A new website,, was launched last week that seeks to clear up any misinformation and get the facts straight.




Rick Eberle February, 20 2014


LONG ISLAND INSURANCE AGENCY REPRESENTS AND HAS COUNSELED HUNDREDS OF BUSINESSES AND INDIVIDUALS ON TOPIC, LICENSED EXPERT AND SOCIAL ACTIVIST ALSO AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEW/COMMENTNEW YORK (FEBRUARY 20, 2014) - is the new informational, fact based, non partisan site for Long Islanders trying to navigate through the new world order of heath insurance, created by local experts in the field.

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