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Consultations with our Founder, Jason Samel

Call us now at 516-329-2707 today to schedule a consultation for renewal, exploration of the individual market, or help with any medical insurance related issues.

I will present to you all 7 carriers available on Long Island, explain the differences between the plans, look your doctors up in every network available, and help you determine which plans and/or financial assistance is best for you, and your own personal financial, and medical needs.

CALL 516-329-2707 today to schedule a consultation.

There is no other Consultant or independent Broker in New York that has assisted more individuals than me as over the past 7 years I have serviced over 3,000 individuals and families, I have written for Crains Magazine, was touted as a Fox News expert, have written for Relix mag, Long Island Business News, and Newsday on all aspects of Obamacare. I have organized many seminars, and have appeared as a commentator on News 12, CBS, Verizon 1 and more.

My fees and services:

$350 consultation fee for an indiviual

$500 consultation fee for a couple or family

Our consultations include the following:

You will speak on the phone for approximately one hourwith our President, the leading Obamacare expert in New York State as quoted by Fox News, Jason Samel founder of JayMar Insurance and the family of sites including, and Jason will review your age, past medical history, as well as look up all of the doctors and medications you feel you can't live without in ALL of the SEVEN NETWORKS available to find the best possible match for YOUR needs.

We will review your financial information, as well as employment situation. Please be prepared with your 1040 that was filed for the 2019 and 2018 tax year. Our focus will be on your Adjusted Gross Income. We will determine whether or not you qualify for any advanced premium tax credits (subsidies are available for some families earning up to $150,000 a year!), a qualified health plan at full cost, an essential plan for $20 a month (the best plan in the market), or medicaid.

Once we have figured out the best matched carrier for your needs we will compare and contrast it for you to all other carriers to ensure you are making the best choice for your particular situation. We will review all of the plans appropriate for you and help you choose the best plan for your needs. While the consultation ends there our service do not.

Once you have made your decision we can complete your enrollment or renewal for you on the NewYork State of Health if you choose, or you may do it on your own. In addition we will be here for you FREE OF CHARGE for the remainder of the year to help you work through any issues that may come about while in your plan with billing, claims, or any other questions that may arise.

PLEASE CALL 516-329-2707 to schedule your consultation today!

Our President, Jason Samel has been featured in articles, written articles, and had on air appearances in Crains magazine, Newsday, Fox News, Daily News, News 12, CBS, Verizon 1, Long Island Business News, Relix Magazine, and many local publications. Jason has also organized many seminars on Obamacare, and has taken part in numerous public debates and forums. There is NOBODY who knows the New York Obamacare market better.

PLEASE CALL 516-329-2707 to schedule your consultation today!

WE ARE THE LEADING EXPERTS and we have helped THOUSANDS of individuals over the past 7 years Obamacare has been in existence, and we can help YOU!

PLEASE CALL 516-329-2707 to schedule your consultation today!

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