Free Seminars

If you would like to come to your organization and give a free seminar with all of the most accurate information about Obamacare for New York City residents please call us at any time516-605-2757.  We do require that you have a minimum of 10 participants for us to hold a free seminar.

 We would be more than happy to come in and present our exclusive Oabamcare/ACA  seminar to your New York organization, trade organization, employees, your management, your medical office staff so they better understand what the public is experiencing, a group of friends in your home, your church, temple, mosque, any place of worship, or truly ANYWHERE you can gather 10 or more people that are interested in hearing the facts about NY Obamacare.   

Please call JayMar Insurance Agency and at 516-605-2757 for up to the minute information or if you need help finding the best plan for you.